Suzhou  199 km east of Shanghai and on the bank of Lake Taihu in the Yangtze River Delta, Suzhou is a cultural city with 2,500 years of history.  The waterside towns and narrow rivers spanned over with bridges in and around the city are of the same age as Suzhou.  The classical gardens in Suzhou have been inscribed on the World Cultural Heritages List.  The waterside towns in the suburbs, such as Tongli and Zhouzhuang, are also well known in the world.

Tiger Hill
Tiger Hill enjoys a reputation as the “first scenic spot in the State of Wu”.  This is where the King of Wu, He Lu, was buried after his death.  Built in 961, the Huqiu Pagoda, a famous diagonal pagoda in China, declines according to the gradient of the hill, and its top is 2.34 meters departing from its axes.  Every year, flower exhibitions and temple fairs are held here regularly.
Hanshan Temple
Located in the urban area of Suzhou and was constructed starting from 502, the Hanshan Temple became well known after the Tang poet Zhang Ji wrote a famous poem when he passed by the temple onboard of a boat.  On December 31 every year, the Hanshan Temple holds the event of Striking the New Year’s Bell, during which the superior of the temple strikes the bell 108 beats and visitors can enjoy themselves at various celebrations.
Lingering Garden
Lingering Garden was the private garden of Xu Taishi, a high official of Taiposhi Banner during the reign of Ming Emperor Jiajing (1522-1566).  It later changed hands twice.

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