Hangzhou, the provincial capital city, is located on the lower reaches of the Qiantang River and at the southern end of the Beijing – Hangzhou Grand Canal.  It used to be the capital of the State of Wu and the Southern Song Dynasty, one of the seven ancient capitals in China.  Hangzhou is one of the top tourist cities and a famous ancient cultural city in the country, with beautiful natural landscape and many places of cultural interest.  Since ancient times, it has been known as Paradise in Heaven and thus become a final destination for holiday makers.  A theme amusement park has been established to attract more visitors.

West Lake
The lake was so named because of its located – west of Hangzhou.  It enjoys the same reputation as Hangzhou.  It is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and covers an area of six square kilometers.  A garden, 49 square kilometers, with the West Lake at the core, has been established with more than 40 scenic spots of springs, ponds, steams, pavilions, and towers, and more than 30 relics and historic sites.
Lingyin Temple
One of the famous ancient Buddhist temples in China, it lies at the foot of Mt. Lingyin, and has many relics and historic sites, and beautiful surroundings.  It was first built in 326, the first year of Emperor Xianhe’s reign during the Eastern Jin period.  There are 330 stone statues of the Five Dynasties, Song and Yuan dynasties on Feilai Peak in front of the temple, which place an important position in the art of sculpture in ancient China.

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