Chengde is a famous, ancient, cultural city in China, and used to serve as the second olitical and cultural center during 1616 and 1911 of the Qing Dynasty.  It is 160 km from Beijing and 210 km from Tianjin.  There are many famous tourist attractions, including the Summer Resort, China’a largest royal garden, the Outer Eight Temples, China’s largest temple complex, and the imposing Great Wall at Jinshanling, in addition to abundant eco-tourism reserouses, such as Mulan Royal Hunting Ground and the vast expanse of hunting forest and grassland.

The Great Wall
The Great Wall is the icon of the Chinese nation.  Hebei takes pride in owning the longest, best-preserved, and most representative part among other provinces.  The Ming Great Wall snakes as long as 2,000 km with 286 passes, big and small, the most famous of which are the Old Dragons’ Head, Shanhai Pass, the Great Wall at Jinshanling, and that on water at Panjiakou.

Puning Temple
A Great Buddha Temple, has the world’s largest woodcarving Buddha.  Different from other Buddha, it has thousands of hands and eye, 22.28 m high and 15 m wide.  Inside the temple, there are Bell and Drum Towers, Pavilions, Heaven King Palace and the architecture is combination Tibet sytles.  It shows the Qing Dynasty’s respect to the Minorities.

Samll Tahilunpo Monastery
Samll Tahilunpo Monastery was built for the 6th Panchen Lama in 1780.  Because for celebration of the Emperor Qianlong’s 70th birthday, Panchan Lama spent one year for travel from Tibet to Chengde.  The Palace was built up for him to rest and sermonize.  The name “Xumifushou” means blessing longevity.  It’s the combination of Han and Tibet architectural styles.  On the tops of the palace, here are eight huge refined and lively copper gold dragns on the roof of cooper gold tiles.  Inside the palace, Sakyamuni is oblate there.  It exudes in impreseiveness and magnificence.


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